IVAS – Intelligent Vehicle Access-control System is an automated RFID based vehicle access control system, providing solution to ensure secure and un-assisted entry and exit of authorized vehicles while denying access to un-authorized vehicles. The system may also be used for managing parking areas in Schools, Hospitals, Business Centers, Offices, Housing Societies, Residential and Commercial properties.

System Highlights

  • Non-Stop & Un-Assisted Vehicle Access Control System.
  • Accurate identification of registered and authorized vehicles based on RFID Technology.
  • Real time alerts and monitoring of vehicles in and out of the premises.
  • Comprehensive logs for reporting and analysis.
  • Integration with barriers, gates, road blockers, LED traffic light, loop detector, manual open/close push button, Cameras, UVSS and other equipment.
  • Automated Alerts (Email, SMS).
  • Secure System with Audit Log

Reporting Features
Vehicle Entry / Exit Log
Blocked Vehicles
RFID Tags Status